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Getting a Las Vegas Marriage License


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Today, I want to kick off my first blog with the question, “How do you obtain a Las Vegas Marriage License?” Honestly, it’s very easy!

But first, here are some important rules to remember:

Under the law, any false statement will be prosecuted. For example, it’s illegal to check off the box stating that you’re single if, in fact, you’re still married.

The requirements for obtaining a marriage license in Las Vegas are the same for US Citizens and non-US Citizens. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The minimum age is 16 years. Of course, parent consent is required.

It is mandatory that both parties be present at the Marriage License Office. You must provide a valid passport, and must state your Social Security number if you are a US Citizen. It’s best to have your Social Security Card with you to prevent accidentally giving an incorrect number. Other identification documents will be considered as long as they have your name and photograph on it. The fee for the license is currently $77.00.

It is extremely important to check, and double check, your application thoroughly. For example, if your name is incorrectly spelled, then the marriage certificate will also reflect the misspelling. This can be very complicated, and could also be costly to correct the error. Therefore, be sure to provide the correct certificates with your complete name listed. One way to avoid this unnecessary error is to have your birth certificate on hand. That way there will be no question as to the spelling of your name. The license will be issued immediately, and is valid for one year in the State of Nevada. And no, there is no blood test required.

With the marriage license in hand, couples can get married right away. But they need a witness at the ceremony, per Nevada state law. Don’t worry, though; there are always people around, like other brides and grooms, who will be willing to act as witnesses. And, of course, there are always other people who would like to get a tip for doing the simple job of being a witness.

After the marriage, you will need to do the name change at the Registrar’s Office in the county where you live. It is very important to apply for the documents that the authorities need in order to register the marriage in your county. There are lots of companies offering this service. The best way would be to choose a company where a person is available for you to ask questions, get updates, etc.

Well guess what? That’s what I do! And I like to be in contact with my clients throughout the process until they have their official documents in hand.

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