Probate Research Assistance

Last Will and Testament

Probate research is a huge field. It often demands a tremendous amount of hours spent to do research with finding heirs. Also locating and obtaining vital records can be a complex endeavor. Especially for probate-research firms, court administrators or probate attorneys, because states have different laws and proceedings.

Or, in some cases heir hunters or heir searchers have problems with connecting with the potential heir. This is, because some beneficiaries just mistrust the probate-research firm since they have no knowledge of the person from whom they are inheriting.

I assist probate research firms with taking care of the following tasks:

*Locating and obtaining vital records,
*establishing connections to heirs and guide them,
*help finding heirs

to accelerate the process.

I am currently active in the United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I don’t do Genealogy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions: