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German Affair. We mainly search for heirs/beneficiaries and guide them through the inheritance case. Additionally, we obtain vital records like death-, and marriage certificates for the Probate Court. 

Finding people in the United States is a difficult task as they are not registered as in Germany. But even if it requires a lot of research, we are very successful at locating them. Of course, the more details we have, the faster we get results. It happens very often that, after only a couple of days, we found the person. Some very difficult cases could take 3 months or longer. 

If desired, we not only find the missing person, but we also can establish the first contact. Especially in very sensitive situations, for example when an adopted child wants to connect with her biological mother. We love to help but there are situations where we can absolutely not locate the missing individual. For example in the case of homelessness. The same applies to persons who are illegal in the United States. And, in inheritance cases, some heirs are not interested in claiming their share. In these cases, we will not bother them. 

Our customers are individuals, heir hunters, probate courts, probate lawyers, and other authorities. So, if you are looking for a person in the United States, Canada, or Germany, please contact us. We will evaluate your case first.  

We don’t work for debt collectors! 

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