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German Affair, an Online Business Service, helped many people, probate lawyers, probate research firms, companies, and organizations to achieve satisfying results. Especially with research and communication as well as locating and obtaining vital records. We provide help with German Matters and Germany-related issues. In case we cannot help you, please check out if there is a German Consulate or a German Honorary Consul nearby. Maybe they can guide you. A good source is the following website

In some cases, especially in legal matters, you will have to contact a lawyer. You can also visit this website There is a lot of content regarding all kinds of legal matters. This site also provides the possibility to ask a question and in a very short time, you can expect an answer from a lawyer in your area. It is also a search portal to find the right lawyer for your problem. Just check it out! 

For all other requests, please check out our websites or contact us directly via email or form. 

Here is a short list of our services. 

  • People-/heir search USA/Canada/Germany
  • Retirement eligibility (Germany) or reimbursement (if you lived and worked in Germany) 
  • German Visa Assistance
  • Locate authorities and departments, especially for your case
  • Document/vital record search
  • Communication with German Authorities regarding registration, retirement benefits, inheritance cases, company foundation, and more. 
  • Communication with companies and private people

You are looking for something different? No problem! We can help you in many fields. Please feel free to contact us with your questions. You can expect an answer within the next two days. 

We evaluate your case first for free and give you an approximate quote.  

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